2017 Excavation Season

Our 2017 excavation season will run from Sunday 2nd July to Friday 11th August and we are looking to run a range of excavation projects and courses. Our programme will include large-scale excavations of the Middle-Late Anglo-Saxon settlement and industrial complex, small-scale excavation of the Medieval manor house and researching the First World War aerodrome. We will be offering a wide range of courses. Full details of our excavations and courses can be found by clicking the Excavation Opportunities and Courses links.

Donation for isotope analysis

SHARP’s Ray Baldry featured in last weekend’s Current Archaeology Live! event at the British Museum. Ray’s presentation was all about the evidence for trauma on the Boneyard skeletons. Julian Richards asked Ray if we’d done isotope analysis to check whether the skeletons in question were locals. Ray explained that this was not currently possible due to financial constraints. Julian suggested a whip-round and announced it over the mike, organised it, and collected ... £935.70! We are so grateful to everyone who made a donation.