SHARP (Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project) is a long-term archaeological research project, whose primary objective is the investigation of the entire range of human settlement and land use in the Norfolk parish of Sedgeford. Established in 1996, SHARP is one of the largest independent archaeological projects in Britain and firmly rooted in the local community.

Although only a relatively small village, Sedgeford has an incredibly rich heritage spanning over four thousand years. Our work has encompassed such sites as Late Neolithic and  Iron Age crouched burials, a Roman villa and farmstead, a Middle to Late Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery, medieval manors and church and a First World War aerodrome.

If you have ever thought about digging on an archaeological excavation then we have the opportunities for you. Our excavations run in July and August, and don’t worry if you haven’t got any experience of digging because we run a series of week long courses specifically dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about archaeological excavation and recording techniques. We also run numerous other archaeological courses and day schools, many requiring no prior knowledge of archaeology. During our excavation season, anyone can visit the dig or attend our series of archaeological lectures.

Another important aspect of the project is our extensive material archive. We actively encourage our members to use it for their own academic research. Areas where our archive have been previously used include: human remains, pottery, animal bones, lithics, archaeometallurgy and environmental archaeology.

Enjoy browsing our website and we hope it inspires you to come and visit our excavations or to dig with us and become involved in our exciting archaeological research.