You may have already read the section about life on site. You may have already been on other archaeological excavations and experienced the sustenance that they provide. What we are immensely proud of at SHARP is the quality and range of the catering services we provide. These may not be the sole criteria when choosing where to dig but it’s an important one nonetheless!


You might think by looking at our prices that you will be living on a diet of sandwiches and soup! But let Jannine (who runs our catering operation) say a few words about the culinary delights you can expect when you visit...


In season SHARP provides catering on site in our fully equipped five star kitchen unit, made for us last year by one of our amazing volunteer helpers.


As a team we aim to cater for everyone and always provide a meat and vegetarian option. We also cater for Vegans, Coeliacs plus any other dietary requirements that you may have. Our food is brought in by local suppliers daily and we also use organic and Fair Trade where we can. We never knowingly use GM.


Food is cooked freshly on site by our experienced team and below is a sample menu of what typical fare you can expect at SHARP


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