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Every Day Life in Anglo-Saxon Sedgeford


Date: August 9th - 11th, 2017


In this short course we will relate the evidence uncovered on the Boneyard and Chalkpit Field sites to the actual lived experience of the people of Sedgeford in the Middle Saxon period.


Over three days we will cover The Farming Year, Homes and Households, Food and Eating, Dressing and Display, Crafts and Industries, and Religion, Superstition and Ritual. We will divide our time between illustrated lectures, discussions and hands on work including exploring the landscape, collecting and using natural materials and handling replicas, and we will make extensive use of the Sedgeford archive to look at finds and features on archaeological sites and how they can be interpreted to tell the stories of real people.


On the Saturday morning following the course, if enough transport is available and members wish it, there will be a group visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village near Thetford. This will be paid for separately and arranged during the course.



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