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An Introduction to Human Evolution


Date: 29th July 2017  


Archaeology is the study of past societies through the material they have left behind. This includes not only broken pots and food debris buried in the ground, but also buildings still standing above ground – from medieval churches through 17th-century houses to Second World War pillboxes. 

On this course we will be examining the materials used, regional variations, the form of different buildings and how this relates to their function, as well as documentary sources of evidence that shed light on the buildings, such as maps, probate inventories and drawings. 

Virtually no building remains unaltered during its lifetime: we will be looking at the evidence for alterations and the reasons behind them, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons, or, in the case of churches, for liturgical reasons. Some of the course will be classroom-based, some will be in the field looking at buildings in the villages of Sedgeford and in the surrounding area. 

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