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If you are a teacher or education co-ordinator who is interested in creating a stimulating activity outside of your classroom, we can offer a day of ‘real’ archaeological excavation activities for your class.


How can archaeology help children learn?

Although archaeology is not in itself part of the National Curriculum, the great thing about it is that it is a multi-dimensional subject. It ?ts in just about everywhere (not just History) and perhaps can best be viewed as a set of resources that can be integrated into most topics.

What level are activities targeted at?

We can offer activities for pupils in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 and no prior knowledge of archaeology is required.


What does a typical excavation activity involve?

  1. The session starts with a site tour which covers our previous and current excavation areas.

  2. Pupils then get the chance to learn how to dig and record on our dedicated excavation trench. Here they will understand how materials survive in the ground and how artefacts can change over time. Pupils learn how to develop a picture of the lives of people who lived in the past from what they have left behind.

  3. After digging on the excavation trench, pupils then work with our Finds team. Here they will learn how to clean and curate what they have excavated and also to identify what they have found.

  4. The next activity is with our Environmental team. Here they will learn (mainly by sieving) how to go about identifying some of the small objects and artefacts, such as snails, pollen, charcoal etc., which are incredibly useful to archaeological understanding of an area.

  5. Finally, our Human Remains team will give them a presentation of what we can learn from some of the many skeletons that the project has excavated.

What are the benefits of our archaeological activities?

Perhaps the most important skills that archaeology has to offer children are the ability to analyse and interpret the past, skills which are directly transferable to many areas of life. In addition to the experience of being able to dig on an archaeological excavation, the activities can develop:

  1. Interpretation and understanding skills
  2. Focused engagement
  3. Enquiry and critical thinking skills

How can I book an educational activity?

To book an activity for your school or ?nd out more details, email our Education Co-ordinator Sally Faulkner at