A Medieval Manor and Village Landscape


During the 11th century, the settlement in Chalk Pit field moved west along the valley on what was to become its transition across to the north side of the River Heacham, where much of modern day Sedgeford is now located. The move commenced with the establishment of a manor and associated chapel at West Hall. SHARP has previously worked in and around this area and in 2014 we plan another season of work excavating and evaluating the site.

In addition to further understanding the development of Sedgeford during this period, we hope to be researching the deserted medieval village of Eaton. Another settlement that developed further down the river valley from Sedgeford and which subsequently fell into abandonment.

During our 2013 season, a small team undertook a project to understand how the River Heacham may have been used during this period. We hope to continue our work here during 2014.

To book a place as an excavation volunteer on this project, download a copy of our application form and select Medieval Project in the Excavation section of the form.

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