The Project's Ethos - demographic archaelogy in action


As well as carrying out academic research, the project exists to provide educational development and volunteer experience (the project is almost completely financed by course fees and subsistence payments). Furthermore, the project is an exercise in what has been called ‘democratic archaeology', we believe that all those who participate in the project have an equal say in how it is run.


You can read a copy of our full constitution by clicking here.


SHARP is not like other archaeological projects. Its mission is to be open to all, non-hierarchical, and rooted in the community. That is why our prices are so low. We are non-pro?t-making and our aim is to be as socially inclusive as possible. SHARP is democratic archaeology in action.


Here are nine good reasons for choosing SHARP

  1. All six weeks are full digging weeks – opening up and shutting down take place before and after the main ?eld season.
  2. Everything is included – campsite, shower-and-toilet block, clothes-washing facilities, and what many say is the best food on any dig in Britain!
  3. A friendly atmosphere, a busy schedule of out-of-hours activity, and lots of fun with like-minded folks.
  4. A living and working democracy where everyone has a say and everyone a vote.
  5. A wide range of top-level training courses taught by experienced on-site experts.
  6. Diverse archaeology that includes Bronze Age crouch burials, Iron Age hoards, a Roman villa, an Anglo-Saxon village, a Norman church, and a First World War aerodrome.
  7. Full ownership over your work – no-one is trowel-fodder, no-one gets pushed aside by ‘experts’ when they ?nd something exciting – everyone digs their own bit.
  8. A wide range of research and dissertation opportunities if you want to go further and work on Sedgeford material.
  9. A research community that is non-commercial, non-pro?teering, and non-hierarchical – no-one trying to exploit you, no-one bossing you around.