Support Us


SHARP is a registered charity and  is entirely self-funding. We rely on people paying to dig with us or taking one of our courses to maintain our archaeological research and activities.

Our research is beginning to reveal a wealth of incredibly fascinating information on human settlement in Sedgeford going back almost 4,500 years.

However, we are in urgent need of financial support to develop our research across a number of areas, including:

  • Radio carbon dating – determining the age of certain archaeological artefacts of biological origin.
  • Isotope analysis – bone recovered from archaeological sites can be analysed isotopically for information regarding diet and migration.
  • X-ray analysis of metal work – research helps us understand fabrication and manufacturing processes.
  • Lipid analysis – analysis of lipids (fats) found on pottery make it possible to identify what the vessel may have contained.

You can help us with our research in a couple of ways:

  • Private donation – You can make a single donation that we can use to fund one of the above areas of research (or one of the many others that are currently ongoing and you may have a direct interest in). To discuss how you can make a donation and how this would be recognised within our research, email
  • Become a Friend of SHARP – By becoming a Friend of SHARP, you are not only helping our ongoing research, you will also receive:
      • Copy of our annual report which summarises our current excavation activity and research.
      • A guided site tour and refreshments during our excavation season.
      • Updates and news on the project.
      • The opportunity to come and dig with us on one of our Dig For A Day activities.

Become a Friend of SHARP you can download an application form here