"A place to go again and again. A fantastic dig for first-timers since it has a well-structured training element."

"I’ve been returning to this site for years – from Canada! I came as a beginner archaeologist and got hooked. It’s an excellent intro for those just starting out, but offers the opportunity to grow with a long-term project and develop new areas of interest. It’s especially good for those wanting hands -on experience with human remains."

"I keep returning to it! The courses are well taught and you learn much from them. You will want to keep going back!!!"

"It is very good for students and first timers as I was, and had a brilliant time and learned a lot. You become fully involved with the excavating and recording of the site whatever your level of experience. Everyone was very friendly and there are also activities after digging hours to socialise."

"A very good training dig indeed; very friendly (and not cliquey, unless one regards old friends re-meeting as cliquey!). Training excellent, with brilliant human remains opportunities not normally available to non-professionals."

"What makes SHARP so good? Those without any or little experience are well-taught and their opinions valued. No ‘hogging the best bits’ by the professionals/experienced diggers on this site (as has happened on other sites I have dug). If you find it, you dig it (with appropriate supervision, of course)."