The History of the Project

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The History of the Project


The origins of the project can be traced back to a hotel bar overlooking the Bay of Naples. It was here in 1995 that a chance meeting took place between SHARP's founder director, Dr Neil Faulkner and the owner of the Sedgeford Hall Estate, Professor Bernard Campbell.

Neil was looking to set up his own excavation project and Bernard explained about the archaeology that had been found on his estate. Neil was invited up to have a look and by the summer of the following year a team of around 50 people began the project's first six week season. Conditions on site were 'primitive' but the project was up and running.

Today SHARP is one of the largest independent archaeological projects in Britain, and firmly rooted in the local community. We have won awards for our outstanding contribution to education.

The project was set up without specific project designs (and continues to operate that way today) but with the broad objective of understanding human settlement and land usage within the parish. Since 1996 we have undertaken a wide range of excavation and research projects which have included an Early Bronze Age crouch-burial through to a First World War aerodrome. You can find out more about our work by accessing Our Research.